The Hugos and Worldcon are over, and thus did the internet see the Eighth Plague of Post-Hugo Pontification. Some declared victory, while others declared victory for totally different reasons, and lo did they yelleth at one another over whose “victory” was bigger.

But on the fifth day, a lull did fall upon the web of the wide world, as rational and informed people of all nations looked down in agreement and unity. For generations of canine tribal war paled in the face of one simple truth:

This was dumbassery most epic. Most epic indeed…

Hugo legal threat 1

Hugo legal threat 2

ETA: Good gravy, there’s more, and this one wants to bring in the FBI!

Hugo legal threat 3

I invite fans on all sides to finally come together as one to ask, “Dude, seriously?”

Because wow…

Loki Facepalm

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dantesspirit: (Default)

From: [personal profile] dantesspirit

I got nothing. The mind, it boggles.
dorothy1901: Gilda: Put the blame on Mame (Default)

From: [personal profile] dorothy1901

If anyone wanted to write the whole story of the 2015 Hugo Awards as a stand-up comedy routine, that's the punchline right there. It's beautiful.

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