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We had Surprise Kitten (at a guess, about 7 weeks old) show up on our back patio 3 days before we were due to leave for Phoenix Comic Con. Fortunately, Surprise Kitten was completely non-aggressive and turned into a little loving purrball as soon as she was given time to recover from the stress of being lured inside, caught, and confined in the quarantine room (aka the front bathroom). I posted about her on Facebook, and one of our friends stepped up to say they'd take her, and we were able to drop her off on our way out of town. They're thrilled. All's well that ends well.
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When I was living in California, I had to occasionally block the neighbor's cat from coming into my apartment if his humans weren't home. (He'd also try to get me to open his apartment door, as cats do understand that humans can open doors, but not what locks are.)

The weather wasn't terrible, or I probably would have let him in for a bit.

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