Work on Invisible 3 continues! At this point, we have signed contracts from all contributors, and our marvelous introduction-writer is hard at work writing the introduction.

We also have cover art, which includes our list of contributors!

Invisible 3 Cover Art

(The introduction bit is blurred out because I’m superstitious about sharing names before everything is done and signed.)

The introduction arrived in my inbox shortly after I posted this, so we can also announce now that it’s by K. Tempest Bradford!

We don’t have a firm release date yet, but it won’t be too long now.

In the meantime, thank you to:

for your amazing work. We can’t wait to share it with the world.

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adhirman: (Podium)

From: [personal profile] adhirman

... You know the only thing going on in my head for a while was "when can I start to talk about it". Now that this is out and I've had lunch away from my desk at work, aaand I work up to the panel talk I'm giving in an hour or so... and suddenly?

NOW I'm freakin' nervous.

Well then.


Congratulations to everyone. So very much looking forward to this.
adhirman: (Podium)

From: [personal profile] adhirman

;) Oh, it's just different.

Science fiction or fantasy? Feh, fine. You like it or you don't? Articles I write here there and everywhere? Meh, no big, they're designed to be filler with bits and pieces of real stuff in them. This? This is different. This is me being unequivocal about ME. Which... honestly? Scares all the living hell out of the lifetime of defence mechanisms.

It's fine. I wouldn't have submitted if I didn't stand behind it. Just interesting new ground. Which is also a big thank you to you and Mary Anne. For giving the platform to so many many people.

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