ETA: Dragon Con has reconsidered.

“[O]ver the last couple of days, we got an earful from our fans and others. The issue also caused a second author to ask us to remove her book from the ballot as well. We’ve reconsidered and changed our mind.”

ETA2: John Scalzi has also reconsidered, and will now remain on the ballot.


The Dragon Awards were created last year to recognize the best SF/F books, comics, games, TV, and films of the year. Nomination and voting are open to anyone and everyone, and the awards are presented at Dragon Con.

The ballot this year appears to be a mix of genuinely popular work and works where individual authors or groups campaigned hard to get nominated. File 770 published an analysis looking at Goodreads, Library Thing, and Amazon review numbers of the different nominees. I trust folks can draw their own conclusions.

On August 4, finalist Alison Littlewood posted that she was withdrawing her book from consideration. She notes:

“While this would normally be a great pleasure, it has also been brought to my notice that my book has been selected by a voting bloc who are attempting, for reasons of their own, to influence the awards outcome. Essentially, the same group who set out to fix the Hugo Awards are now encouraging their supporters to follow their voting choices in the Dragon Awards.”

Two days ago, finalist John Scalzi also withdrew his book from the award, saying in part:

“The reason is simple: Some other finalists are trying to use the book and me as a prop, to advance a manufactured ‘us vs. them’ vote-pumping narrative based on ideology or whatever. And I just… can’t. I don’t have the interest and I’m on a deadline, and this bullshit is even more stale and stupid now than it was the several other times it was attempted recently, with regard to genre awards.”

Rather, Littlewood and Scalzi tried to withdraw from the award. But according to a follow-up post from Littlewood, Pat Henry of the Dragon Awards is “declining” these requests. Both Scalzi and Littlewood’s books still appear on the ballot.

Henry’s statement, as posted on Littlewood’s blog, claims:

“We are aware of the rabid puppies and justice warriors efforts to effect the voting and we go through a number of steps to avoid ballot stuffing or other vote rigging behaviors.  While we didn’t start the Dragon Awards to foil these two groups, we believe that as we add voters, they will become irrelevant in the our awards.”

Note the false equivalence of rabid puppies, a self-proclaimed group created by Theodore Beale, with “justice warriors,” generally used as an insult against people speaking up for greater representation and inclusion. The rabid puppy slate was posted on Beale’s blog back in June. I’m curious where the equivalent “justice warrior” slate supposedly appeared…

Henry might be right that, when and if the awards add enough voters, slates might become irrelevant. Or they might not. But in either case, that hypothetical future doesn’t change the fact that right now, the awards are a mess, some of the campaigning is ugly, nasty, and hateful, and some authors don’t want to be dragged into that cesspool.

I hope Pat Henry and Dragon Con will reconsider their decision.


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grav_ity: (Default)

From: [personal profile] grav_ity

I noticed that Wright was nominated in the YA/MG category and several alarms went off.
thewayne: (Default)

From: [personal profile] thewayne

Seems to me that DragonCon is devaluing their brand if they don't honor author's requests: it's just a database change and updating a web form. If they don't do it, they risk authors whom they ignore coming back in the future and rescinding nominations or possibly refusing to attend. Pat's argument that "as we add voters" also works in the Puppy's favor as they can marshal fairly impressive, and rabid, crowds.

Myself, I'm not voting this year because I haven't read most of the submitted material. At least with the Hugo votes I got downloads of the nominees and could read them before I voted, which I did.
elf: Dust sprite being squished by rock (Keep Trying)

From: [personal profile] elf

There's the charming fun of what happens if an author who wanted to decline, wins, and makes a speech about it.

There is no good press to be had from insisting on nominees who don't want the award. It's right up there with political campaigns using theme songs from bands who hate them. The convention is not going to prosper if its "award-winning" authors tell their fans that the convention is sleazy.
thewayne: (Default)

From: [personal profile] thewayne

"If nominated, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve."

Yeah, I think DC is making a big mistake by not honoring author requests to withdraw.

bat_cheva: (Default)

From: [personal profile] bat_cheva

So the authors can't withdraw. I say nothing forces them to accept the award if they win. Don't publicly accept it, never physically touch it, don't give a speech. If people refuse their award the attitude about refusing withdrawals should die quickly enough.
ororo: (Default)

From: [personal profile] ororo

Whole lotta hubris going on.
lagilman: coffee or die (Default)

From: [personal profile] lagilman

All other things aside, the Dragon Awards committee is being painfully tacky, forcing people to be affiliated with their awards against their state wishes for sheer publicity value.

Inspiration for the unwilling nominees:


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